CDM 2015 L153

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, however, finding the real cause of accidents and incidents is important so that their reoccurrence can be prevented.

It is also important that correct actions are taken following any accident or incident to preserve the evidence and ensure that the legal reporting to HSE and any other agencies (if relevant and required) is carried out properly. This will also have implications for your insurers and they would like to see that proper procedures are followed.

However, as we have noticed from our experience, accidents and incidents are very traumatic situations and people involved and in surrounding get skaken and become emotionally charged with the situation.

In these situations presence of an external independent person, who is also qualified and experienced in health and safety, helps in handling the situation correctly.

At WSP Safety Ltd we have been helped many clients in accident, incident investigations and reporting. If you find yourselves in that unfortunate situation, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our level best to get there as quick as possible and help you manage the situation.