CDM 2015 L153

It is a legal requirement under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Regulation 3) that for all activities on a construction site which pose significant health and safety risks, suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments are carried out before the site work commences.

Risk Assessments are an essential part of health and safety arrangements for every construction project regardless of the size and nature of the site work involved.

At WSP Safety Ltd we assist Contractors and Principal Contractors in preparation of two types of site risk assessments.

  1. Standard risk assessments for typical construction site activities.

  2. Risk assessments for site and task specific activities which are unique to any given construction site.

When required we also provide training to your staff in carrying our site risk assessments for both typical and task specific activities and also how to carryout dynamic risk assessments when urgently required on site.